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Many teachers are now struggling to find new ways to engage & get their French students excited about learning a second language. 

So to help solve this problem, I've put together a monthly membership program that includes video tutorials, exclusive French resources, a supportive Facebook community and special bonus content to take something off of your plate.

Each month brings new themes, new resources, new tips and new ideas for your French language classroom!

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what members are saying

This membership has provided me with the chance to implement digital tasks into the classroom with little to no prep. It has helped increase the engagement of my students, and provided me with inspiration on how to structure my classroom tasks in the future.


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It wouldn't be right to share resources with you without showing you how to use them! I’ll show you how you can use the resources, and how to assign them to your students as well as talk about other ways that you can use them in the classroom.

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Each new month brings brand new EXCLUSIVE French resources that you can use immediately in your classroom. On the first of each month, you'll receive immediate access to (minimum!) 3 French resources that will engage your students & make learning French even more fun.

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This is my favourite part of this membership! If you know me, you know I love surprises, so each month I’ll be sharing a little bonus surprise with you. It might be a featured app, a bonus resource, or another goodie that you can use within your French classroom.

what members are saying

The products that have been part of the membership so far have been amazing! I love how Tia does a video to explain the resources and how she would implement them in her class. Every resource that is in the membership is very well organized and throughout. I love the journal prompts and the gratitude journal as they have helped expand my students thinking and writing in core French. The classroom headers are also a great addition to my monthly slides as it starts the class with reading what the header says and they are super cute and fun. Every month the resources have been engaging love incorporating as much as possible into my lessons.


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Why a resource-based membership?


Because no teacher ever said no to no-prep, engaging resources! If there’s anything that we learned from the last few years, it’s that technology can and will continue to be used in the classroom, as well as traditional printed resources. But it can be overwhelming to think about how to integrate both into your classroom in a meaningful way. I can teach you how to find a balance between using technology as a tool without it taking over your entire in-person French program while still keeping up with essential in-person teaching strategies.


What resources are included?


Resources will vary between printable and digital. For the digital resources, that means they may be used/accessed on Google, Boom Learning, etc. You will need access to Google Drive in order to download the monthly resources. Each month, 3+ different resources will be included in your membership that can be immediately downloaded and shared with your students. The resources are valued at about $20+ USD, so with the membership, you'll be saving!


What if I already own the resources?


Most of the resources that you will find in the membership are EXCLUSIVE. This means that they won’t necessarily be available on TPT (some may!).


Although I’ll be adding new resources each month, there’s a chance that a resource maybe you’ve already purchased in my TPT store pops up. If that happens, each month you will have access to a Google Form where you can fill out your TPT purchase number and the product that you already own. Every other month I’ll reach out to you and provide you with a credit that you can use for a product of less or equivalent value from my store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades would these resources be suitable for?


Like many of the resources in my TPT store, these resources are suitable for grades 3-6 for French Immersion & grades 4-8 for Core French. I realize that seems like quite the range, but remember that almost any resource can be used appropriately with your students as long as you are scaffolding it to meet their learning needs.


Would this membership be best suited for Core French or French Immersion?


This is a question that I get very often with my resources and the simplest answer is that it truly depends on your teaching style. When I taught Core French, I was able to use French Immersion “designated” resources with my students, however, it just took a little bit longer to work through them because I only saw them once or twice a week. These resources work for students of any French program, sometimes you just have to get a little bit creative with them!


What is the Facebook Community?

It’s really nice to have a group of other teachers who can help you out at the drop of a hat. Members will have access to an exclusive Facebook community where you can ask questions, share ideas and participate in awesome monthly giveaways!

Can I join the membership anytime throughout the year?


I want to make sure that those in the membership are truly getting what they need out of this, so you will only be able to join during the months of August/February. Make sure you sign up so that you don’t miss out!


If I sign up for the monthly option, will my credit card be automatically charged?


Yes, you will be charged each month on the credit card that you signed up with! Please note that the MONTHLY option is a recurring payment - which means you will be charged on a repeated basis unless you've purchased the annual option.


If I cancel during the month, will I be refunded for that month?

If you cancel your subscription after your payment has been charged for that month, you will not receive a refund for the month (because you will already have gained access to the monthly content, so that wouldn’t be fair!). You will not be charged for the following month and will also not have access to the future months but you can still access the previous ones.

what members are saying

The products are timely, easily accessible and engaging for students. I would have been lost this year without this membership.


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