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Teaching is hard. As teachers, we spend so much of our time preparing lessons, teaching, marking, coordinating, refereeing, etc that it is insane. From the outside, it looks a lot different and can be hard for others to understand. Unless you're actually doing the profession, one wouldn't know how much of an amazing roller coaster it truly is.
But when you throw online learning into the mix, it's an entirely new game. The struggles, the successes, the growth and the failures hit you so much harder than they do when you're teaching in person. In case no one has told you this in a while, you are doing an incredible job. I know, it doesn't always feel like it. In fact, 99% of the time it feels to me like I am driving the struggle bus and my students are just along for the ride.  
That's why I put this page together for us. Here, you can find resources to help you through as well as read some tips and tricks that I have tried within my own *virtual* classroom that have helped. I can't promise you that they are perfect, but what I can promise you is that this will help take a little bit of weight off of your shoulders.
Last thing - remember that this isn't forever. I know it feels like it. A year and a half of COVID is a long time. But one day, we will get to feel the sun shining on our faces, maskless, surrounded by our favourite happy and healthy tiny humans whom we all love so much.
With a full heart,
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Click here or on the picture to take a look at some of my virtual learning blog posts. They are filled with ideas, extensions and materials, specific to French language learners.
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