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The weather is getting warmer and the summer vibes have fully kicked in. My highlight of this week was seeing a picture from a parent of one of my students sitting outside on a lawn chair, eating a popsicle with sunglasses on and their Chromebook beside them during class time! #virtuallearninggoals I am tired, the kids are tired, and honestly, we are all ready for summer break. BUT we aren’t done yet so I am working my hardest to keep my students engaged and having some fun in the sun while distance learning!

Here are a few activities and resources to help your students get through the next few weeks of school (P.S. I'm using them in my own virtual classrooms too!):

What better way to get ready for summer than practicing with fun vocabulary words? Summertime is almost here and your students are going to love all fun and engaging digital summer activities! Using games as a learning tool is a great way to capture their attention but also helps them retain the vocabulary they are learning. Available as Boom Cards or for Google Slides.

This year I have really focused on using digital verb games as a little brain break during my verb lessons because we all know that students don't always *love* learning about them. Verbs are a fundamental part of French writing, and now that we are distance learning again virtual games are quite handy! This resource is interactive and includes 2 different games which are great for keeping students engaged and testing their knowledge too!

Saying goodbye is never easy, and since this year has been really tough, we could all use a little pick me up! This year I have witnessed firsthand my students be courageous, resilient, adaptable and just downright amazing. It makes me excited for them to finally get some time off to rest, relax and enjoy themselves but I will seriously miss them telling me that my mic is on mute ten times a day. Grab this freebie in my TPT store to share with your students too!

The end of the year is already crazy enough between state testing, report cards, wrapping up your curriculum and still trying to keep your students engaged and happy. This Digital Summer Bundle includes vocabulary games, verb games, boom cards, inspirational posters and journal prompts; literally ALL of the things to help get you through the next couple of weeks. Plus, it’s all summer-themed to bring a bit of fun in the sun into your classroom! I love all things summer and the journal prompts are great ways to get your students thinking about their own summer plans.

Lastly, I would encourage you & your students to get some fresh air throughout the day because we could all use a little bit of sunshine. Taking a few minutes of your day to soak up some sun (or to drive to Starbucks to get yourself an afternoon coffee), will help you to get through these long days of distance learning.

We are almost there & we can do it!



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