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AMAZON FAVES | Distance Learning Edition

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I live my BEST LIFE when I am shopping on I've been an Amazon Prime member since my university days (back when everything was free!), and honestly there is just something so miraculous about two day shipping that keeps me coming back for more.

So here are some of my Amazon essentials, Distance Learning Edition! Take a look at these must-haves while you navigate the crazy world of distance learning from your home base. All of these products are ones that I am using today, and love! Just click on the product name to see more.

Full disclosure, these are affiliate links (#influencerlife), so I do get a percentage back when you purchase which is great for me because it means I can buy more things and share them with you!


I really like this watch band for my Apple Watch for a couple of reasons. It's really smooth and easy to put on, and it is super fun! I purchased the B-Leopard band, and it's great because it's silicone, so I don't have to worry about swapping it out when I do my workouts.


This is possibly the best thing I have ever purchased from Amazon in my life! When the quarantine hit, I realized pretty quickly that I would be spending a lot more time on my computer. I am someone who experiences frequent headaches and these have made my life so much better! Plus, they're super cute. I got the clear colour in size 0.0 (no magnification) for reference.


I currently have a Macbook Air (which I love), and so I bought this computer riser so help with the ergonomic side of distance learning. I love it because it's sturdy, looks really clean and hold up to 55 lbs so it would be suitable for any laptop or computer monitor. It is great if you are looking to create a "home office" feel if you live in a tiny space like I do #condolife.


Definitely an investment piece, but if you are doing video conferences with your students this is a must have! I personally am not, but I use it for filming content for Instagram as well as for virtual dates with friends. Oh, and of course to take pictures. The ring light offers a nice variety of lights (white, yellow, etc) and you can choose the brightness. It also comes with a little timer which connects to your device via Bluetooth, a nice little bonus!

If you have any must-have products, let me know so I can try them out!


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