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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

I promise you that this is not an ad - I just LOVE Google and all of the Google Apps. A big part of this is because my school board uses the Google for Education. However, I truly just appreciate the multitude of options available for French teachers, including some of the following apps which I have learned some AMAZING tips and tricks for this year. Read all about them below!


Google Forms is the most amazing tool when it comes to creating quizzes, digital scavenger hunts and even for collecting anecdotal notes! I first learned about all of the incredible things that Google Forms can do at a PD session, and I was really surprised about how many different options you have. I feel like we are mostly familiar with using Google Forms for check-ins, so for this post I want to touch on using Google Forms for anecdotal notes. If you click here you will be able to make a copy of a sample French anecdotal form that I've made for you. In this form, you can add student names, class subjects, curriculum expectations and anything else you want! After you are finished, you can send it to yourself and you will be able to fill out the form directly from the email. Think about how useful this would be if you were using an iPad or Chromebook while observing in the classroom. Overall, I really like Google Forms because they are a quick and easy way to implement assessment and observation in your FSL classroom.


This year I used Google Classroom for Core French, and French Immersion for grades 2-5. It is GREAT! I really liked setting up my digital classroom, and using this app you can really create a space of your own. There are definitely limitations when it comes to appearance, but I thought that the grading and pre-scheduling features made up for that. As I was doing coverage in many classes, it was nice to be able to prepare everything the week before, and then schedule it to post the following week. Many of us are a little intimidated by Google Classroom at first because it has so many features, but it is a great platform for FSL teaching. Google Classroom offers a variety of types of tasks for your French students, such as assignments, materials, questions and quiz assignments. It is also super easy to transfer materials and content from your Google Drive and makes it accessible to students. If you are looking for tips and tricks for transforming your Google Classroom into the perfect space for your FSL students, stay tuned because I may be able to help you. 😉


This app was a wonderful discovery for me. Hidden deep in the Google Waffle is a neat app called Jamboard. Jamboard is your collaborative brainstorming, minds-on whiteboard that you and your students can use AT HOME! You can create a new "Jam" which is a topic board, and then ask a question by writing on a sticky note or posting a photo to spark ideas. Then, your students can respond to your Jam with their thoughts! The only negative about Jamboard is that the sticky notes are anonymous - so you can't see which child posted specific sticky notes. But you can usually weed out the students who wrote something silly but catching them laughing!

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