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Remember when we were growing up and having designated periods where we would go to the computer lab to practice typing? Or maybe you're part of the generation that was around when the internet was invented and had to endure the years of dial-up just to get connected?

Whichever group you are a part of, we can agree that technology has come a LONG way since we were in school and that it is astonishing how much our students know about it today. The past two years have challenged us as educators to become more innovative & creative while using technology, putting us at an advantage when it comes to returning to school in September!

But... maybe you're not feeling as comfortable as your thought you were when it comes to using tech in your French language program. Are you worried about finding a balance between using technology as a tool instead of a babysitter? Concerned about how to create meaningful and engaging tasks for the students that don't take you the whole night to create? Terrified that your students will have a strong sense of entitlement when it comes to technology?

Read on to learn how to get rid of your September scaries and get you set with tech for September!


As teachers, we have come incredibly far over the last couple of years and should be really proud of the progress we have made implementing technology into part of our regular programming. However, I realize that some teachers still have some reservations and are nervous about using technology especially as they return to in-person learning. Don't worry! Plenty of teachers are feeling nervous too, and wondering how they are going to integrate it into their teaching for their French language students. Here are some quick & easy ways that you can use technology in your in-person classroom:

Morning Check-In: We always say good morning to our students, but sometimes there are things going on that they can't say aloud. With a digital check-in, your students can let you know how they're doing so that you can help them out. Don't have enough computers for each student? Simply assign a computer to a group and have them share it every morning while completing their bellwork. Make sure you grab your free Morning Check-In Google Form HERE!

Guided Reading Rotation: If you're looking to take one thing off of your LONG teacher to-do list, think about creating a Guided Reading station where your students are working on a task online. A great example of this is this FREE Circus-Themed Drop & Drag activity for Google Slides. All you have to do is assign it in your Google Classroom and your students are ready for all of the fun!

Website of the Week: This is a great activity to get your students exploring and learning new websites that are helpful to them. First, scroll down and download my Free French Websites Guide. Then, each week block off 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon and show the website to your students. Next, they can have some fun exploring the websites! Just like that, now your students are learning new things and if they finish their work early in the future have options for things that they can work on.


Look no further! I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find resources and websites that work with French-language programs, especially in one place. As we worked through online learning, I took some time to put together websites I used with my own students so that I could find everything that I possibly need in one place. Scroll to the below picture or click here to download your FREE French Websites Guide that includes 8 pages of helpful websites for French-language subjects including Math, Science, Social Studies, Music & more!


If you've used technology EVER, you are likely very familiar with the feeling in this Ron Swanson GIF. I know I am!

It can be really daunting to continue to use technology in your classroom especially after the last few years where we had no choice BUT to use it. I can promise you that if you can work through these frustrations, you are doing your students a solid by continuing to use technology in your in-person classroom.

Why? Simply because technology is here to stay and we need to ensure that our students are prepared for the real world in some capacity when they leave our classrooms. We can absolutely do this in a meaningful and positive way by setting boundaries and teaching our students about how to balance technology with being present in the modern world.

Looking to learn more about technology? Make sure to visit my Back to School Series: Talking Tech on Instagram happening this week!

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